Elizabeth Scarbrough – Scarbrough C.V. 2018 June Short Form



2015     PhD and MA, Philosophy, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2005     MA, Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI

1998     BA, History, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH


Areas of Specialization: Ethics, Aesthetics

Areas of Competence: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Feminism


Academic Appointments

2016-present     Lecturer in Philosophy, Florida International University

2015-2016          Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Portland State University

2014-2015          Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Philosophy Department, University of Washington

2014-2015          Director, Philosophy Department Writing Center, University of Washington

2013-2014          Soden-Trueblood Graduate Publishing Fellowship (University of Washington Press)

2012-2013          Editorial Assistant, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

2010-2011          Research Assistant, UW Program on Values in Society

2005-2010          Teaching Assistant, Philosophy Department, University of Washington



2018     “Ruminations of Ruination” The Philosophers’ Magazine Issue 81, 2nd Quarter (2018)

2016     “Visiting the Ruins of Detroit: Cultural Tourism or Poverty Tour?” The Journal of Applied Philosophy Vol. 34, Issue 3 (2016)

2015     “Authenticity in Ruins: Art Restoration, Architecture, and Beautiful Decay,” ARCADE Magazine, Authenticity: Navigating the Real in Cities, Design and Art, Issue 33.2 (Fall 2015).

2014     “Unimagined Beauty,” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 72, Issue 4 (Fall 2014), 445-449.

2014     Book review of Peg Zeglin Brand (ed.), Beauty Unlimited, Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2013. Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (http://hypatiaphilosophy.org/HRO/reviews/content/194)


Research Grants and Awards

2018                 “Beauty and Why It Matters” Summer Seminar

-Twelve scholars awarded stipends to participate in research seminar sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetics.

2017                 “Ecoaesthetics. Rethinking Environmental Aesthetics” Workshop

-Selected workshop participant sponsored by ARTSail and ArtCenter South Florida.

2014-2015          Elizabeth Kerr Macfarlane Endowed Scholarship in the Humanities

-Funded fellowship designed to provide assistance to highly deserving students in the Humanities. Nominated and awarded through the University of Washington.

2014-2015          Graduate School Presidential Dissertation Fellowship

– One quarter teaching release for dissertation completion. Funds awarded.

2013-2014          Soden-Trueblood Fellowship in Academic Publishing

-Fellowship for one graduate student per year to work at the University of Washington Press.

2013                 Oberlin College Alumni Fellowship

-Dissertation completion fellowship. Funds awarded.

2012                 Melvin Rader Fellowship for Innovative Philosophical Projects

– Fellowship awarded for travel expenses to South East Asia to do on-site research at various UNESCO World Heritage sites in Vietnam and Cambodia.

2010-2011          Joff Hanauer Fellowship for Excellence in Western Civilization

-Six fellowships awarded by the UW Graduate School on the basis of demonstrated achievement and commitment to advancing the critical study of Western culture.


Conference Presentations

2017     “Reconstructions, restorations and ruins” at Digging Deeper: Archaeological & Philosophical Perspectives (FIU)

2017     “The Ruins of War” at the American Society for Aesthetics 75th Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA)

2015     “Industrial Ruins as Cultural Tourism,” at the Philosophy of the City Conference (PSU, Portland, OR)

2015     Panel Commentator on “Negative Aesthetics,” “Disgusting Images” by Cynthia Freeland (University of Houston), “Stay Positive: Some Pleasures and Benefits of Negative Emotions” by Dan Kelly (Purdue University), “Transforming Negative Aesthetic Responses,” by Sherri Irvin (University of Oklahoma, at the American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting (Vancouver, BC)

2014     “Visiting the Ruins of Detroit: Cultural Tourism or Poverty Tour?” at the 4th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development (Guimarães, Portugal)

2014     “Unplanned Beauty: The Pleasures of Ruins” at the APA, Pacific Division (San Diego, CA)

2013     “Ruin Porn? The Ruins of Detroit” at the Canadian Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Canadian Society for Aesthetics (University of Victoria, B.C.)

2013     Comments on “On Things That Aren’t There Anymore” by Jennifer Judkins (UCLA) at the         American Society for Aesthetics Pacific Division Meeting (Asilomar, CA)

2012     Comments on “The Minimal Condition of Authenticity” by Dobin Choi (SUNY) at the American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (St. Louis, MO)

2012     “Appiah’s ‘Cosmopolitan Aesthetic Experience’ and Its Limits” at the Cosmopolitan Rights and Responsibility Conference (University of Washington)

2012     Comments on “Second Personal Reasons and Moral Obligation” by Wenwen Fan (University of Missouri) at the 6th Biannual Graduate Student Conference on Responsibility (University of Washington)

2010     Comments on “Should the Bamiyan Buddhas Rest in Peace?” by James Janowski (Hampden-Sydney College) at the American Society of Aesthetics Annual Meeting (Victoria. B.C.)

2009     Comments on “Why So Serious? An Inquiry on Racist Jokes” by Luvell Anderson (Rutgers University), at the 5th Biannual Graduate Student Conference in Moral Psychology (UW)


Teaching Awards

2017                 College of Arts, Science & Education Faculty Teaching Award, FIU

2010                 Departmental Teaching Award, UW Philosophy

2008-2009          Dean’s Letter for Exceptional Teaching, UW

2006-2007          Dean’s Letter for Exceptional Teaching, UW


Teaching Experience

Florida International University

 Introduction to Normative Ethics

Applied Ethics


Philosophy of Film

Portland State University

Critical Thinking

Philosophy of Sex and Love

University of Washington

Introduction to Normative Ethics

Moral Problems

Aesthetics of Everyday Life

Topics in Ethics: The Intersection of Aesthetic and Ethics

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to the Philosophy of Law

Seminar in Teaching Philosophy for Graduate Students   (co-taught with Ann Baker)

Introduction to Moral Problems ( co-taught with Patrick Taylor Smith)

Practical Reason  (co-taught with Joe Ricci)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Introduction to Philosophy


Additional Teaching and Mentoring Experience

2017-present     Advisor, Phi Sigma Tau and the Philosophy Club (FIU)

2015 -2016         Judge, Annual High School Ethics Bowl in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

2014-2015          Workshops “Activities to Engage your Students in Learning,” “Balancing Graduate School Demands,” at the 2014 and 2015 Conference on Teaching, Learning and Research (UW)

2014                 Seattle Academy High School Ethics Bowl Co-Coach, Inaugural Year State Champions

2012                 Workshops “Teaching Your Own Class: First Day and Beyond,” at the Conference on Teaching, Learning and Research (UW)

2010-2011          Coach, University of Washington Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team

2010                 Teaching Seminar, “Teaching as a Woman in Philosophy,” with Amy Reed and Asia Ferrin

2008-2009          Coach, University of Washington Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team


Applied Aesthetics Experience

2015-2016          Manager, Clinton Street Theater (Portland, OR)

– Manager of a 220-seat arthouse cinema (35mm projection) and performance arts space.

2008-2015          Outreach Coordinator / Film Projectionist, Grand Illusion Cinema (Seattle, WA)

-Volunteer projectionist (35mm) and cinema outreach coordinator for a not-for-profit art house cinema in Seattle. Named volunteer of the year in 2011.

1999-2003          Audio Post-Production Supervisor, Henninger Digital Audio (Arlington, VA)

-Basic knowledge of post-production audio engineering (recording, sound design, mixing).

1994- 2005         Musician

Secondary Flute status at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Freelance flute teacher.


Service to the Profession

2017                 Reviewer for Oxford University Press, Exploring Ethics

2017                 Reviewer for Florida Philosophical Association annual meeting

2016                 Reviewer for Cocoon Early Career Conference

2016                 Reviewer for the British Journal of Aesthetics

2012                 Group Session Chair, Pacific APA, American Society for Aesthetics, “Everyday Aesthetics”

2012                 Assistant Technical Support, Rabinowitz Symposium: Psychiatric Diagnosis and Moral Responsibility (University of Washington)

2011                 Conference Co-Organizer, Rabinowitz Symposium: Telling Stories, Revealing Narratives: Perspectives on Illness and Care (University of Washington).

2011                 Conference Co-Organizer, Program on Values Conference on Fair Trade (University of Washington, Program on Values)

2008-2009          Assistant, Hypatia 25th Anniversary Conference: Feminist Legacies / Feminist Futures

Assistant Technical Support, Conference on Global Justice (University of Washington)

-Assistant Technical Support, Rabinowitz Symposium: Conference on Pain Management                                             (University of Washington)


Service to the Department and University

2017-present     Phi Sigma Tau advisor

2017-present     Library Committee

2016-2017          Director of MA thesis of Lynton Gardiner, ““The Wolfsonian-FIU: 25 years of Collecting, Exhibiting and Interpretation.” (FIU)

2016-present     Paper Review Committee (FIU)

2014-2015          UAW Local 4121, Executive Board, Trustee (elected)

2008-2014          UAW Local 4121, Humanities Steward (elected)

2014-2015          Curriculum Committee (UW)

2011-2014          Tyrel Mears Memorial Library, Founding Librarian (UW)

2012-2015          Graduate/Faculty Reading Group in Feminist Philosophy (UW)

2009-2011          Graduate/Faculty Colloquia Organizer (UW)

2008-2009          Organizer, Reading Group (Ronald Moore, Natural Beauty) (UW)

2007-2008          GPSS (Graduate and Professional Student Senate) Representative

2007-2008          Organizer, Reading Group (Kant, The Critique of the Power of Judgment) (UW)

2005-2007          Graduate Student Colloquia Committee (UW)


Professional Organizations: APA (American Philosophical Association), ASA (American Society for Aesthetics), SWIP (Society for Women in Philosophy), FEAST (Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory), FPA (Florida Philosophical Association)


References Available Upon Request