2022 Panel: The Aesthetic Appreciation of Perfume: Nature, Context, and Memory. With Madeline Martin-Seaver, Chiara Brozzo, and Tracy Tsefalas. Talk title: “Perfume: Moods and Memories” at the American Society for Aesthetics 80th Annual Meeting (Portland, OR) (SLIDES KEYNOTE) (SLIDES POWERPOINT)

2022 “Miami Monuments Project” poster session (with Dr. Ter-Ghazaryan and Milo Dupuis) at the Spatial Humanities Conference (University of Ghent and Virtual) 

2022 Critic for Author-Meets-Critic session for Matthew Strohl’s book Why It’s OK To Love Bad Movies at the American Philosophical Association Annual Meeting  (Baltimore) (SLIDES PPT)

2021     “My Perfumed Life” at the American Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Meeting (Santa Fe, NM) (PDF SLIDES)(SLIDES PPT)

2021 “Teaching Philosophy of Film with no Prerequisites” Film and Philosophy Workshop (Virtual)(SLIDES PDF)

2021 “Labiaplasty: Suspect Norm or Girl Power?” American Society for Aesthetics Feminist Caucus Committee Summerfest (Virtual) (SLIDES)

2020     “What’s the Use? Reconstructing Cultural Property After War” at the Heritage in War: An AHRC-Funded Project on Protecting Cultural Heritage, (New Orleans, LA) (Cancelled due to COVID)

2020    Critic for Author-meets-critic session for Carolyn Korsmeyer’s book Things: In Touch with the Past, American Philosophical Association – Central Division Meeting (Chicago, IL) (SLIDES) (PDF SLIDES)

2019     “Urban Ruins and the Picturesque Landscape” American Society for Aesthetics 77th Annual Meeting (Phoenix, AZ) (SLIDES)

2019 “Ruins, Monuments, and Memorials” Southern Aesthetics Workshop (Auburn, Alabama)

2019     “What’s the Use? Reconstructing Cultural Property After War” at the American Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Meeting (Santa Fe, NM) (SLIDES)

2018     “Live or Let Die? The Life of Ruins” Invited Keynote address at the Ball State Student Research Day (Muncie, IN) 

2017     “Reconstructions, restorations and ruins” at Digging Deeper: Archaeological & Philosophical Perspectives (FIU)

2017     “The Ruins of War” at the American Society for Aesthetics 75th Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA)

2015     “Industrial Ruins as Cultural Tourism,” at the Philosophy of the City Conference (PSU, Portland, OR)

2014     “Visiting the Ruins of Detroit: Cultural Tourism or Poverty Tour?” at the 4th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development (Guimarães, Portugal)

2014     “Unplanned Beauty: The Pleasures of Ruins” at the APA, Pacific Division (San Diego, CA)

2013     “Ruin Porn? The Ruins of Detroit” at the Canadian Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Canadian Society for Aesthetics(University of Victoria, B.C.)

2012     “Appiah’s ‘Cosmopolitan Aesthetic Experience’ and Its Limits” at the Cosmopolitan Rights and Responsibility Conference (University of Washington)


2022 Comments on Cheryl Frazier’s “Fat Vanity Projects for a Model for Reimagining Beauty” at SAW IV (Southern Aesthetics Workshop) (Charleston, SC)

2022 Comments on Nicholas Wittaker’s “Filming Nature” at the SPSCVA Film and Philosophy Workshop (Online) (PDF of comments)

2021 Comments on Lisa Giobini (Roma Tre University) “Respect in Conservation Ethics: A Philosophical Inquiry” at the American Society for Aesthetics 79th Annual Meeting (Montreal, Quebec) <comments read by chair – virtual>

2021 Comments on Sara Rich and Sarah Bartholomew “Iconoclasm, Sympathetic Magic, and Speculative Realism” at the  American Society for Aesthetics Southern Divisional Meeting (Auburn, AL)

2020     Comments on “Against treating people like sunsets” by Madeleine Ransom and David Friedell Southern Aesthetics Workshop II(Virtual due to COIVD)(SLIDES)

2019     Comments on “Urban Aesthetics and Augmented Reality” by Mary Beth Willard (Weber State University) at the American Society for Aesthetics 76th Annual Meeting (Toronto, Ontario)

2015     Panel Commentator on “Negative Aesthetics,” “Disgusting Images” by Cynthia Freeland (University of Houston), “Stay Positive: Some Pleasures and Benefits of Negative Emotions” by Dan Kelly (Purdue University), “Transforming Negative Aesthetic Responses,” by Sherri Irvin (University of Oklahoma, at the American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting (Vancouver, BC)

2013     Comments on “On Things That Aren’t There Anymore” by Jennifer Judkins (UCLA) at the  American Society for Aesthetics Pacific Division Meeting (Asilomar, CA)

2012     Comments on “The Minimal Condition of Authenticity” by Dobin Choi (SUNY) at the American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (St. Louis, MO)

2012     Comments on “Second Personal Reasons and Moral Obligation” by Wenwen Fan (University of Missouri) at the 6th Biannual Graduate Student Conference on Responsibility (University of Washington)

2010     Comments on “Should the Bamiyan Buddhas Rest in Peace?” by James Janowski (Hampden-Sydney College) at the American Society of Aesthetics Annual Meeting (Victoria, B.C.)

2009     Comments on “Why So Serious? An Inquiry on Racist Jokes” by Luvell Anderson (Rutgers University), at the 5th Biannual Graduate Student Conference in Moral Psychology (UW)